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Fresh Roasted beans from green organic coffee beans delivered weekly to you for your daily espresso, black coffee, cappuccino in Shanghai

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Organic beans, Green beans from Yunnan roasted in Shanghai, China.

Fresh roasted beans for your daily espresso, black coffee, cappuccino in Shanghai, China. We roast fresh beans in small quantity and deliver a premium product directly to you. We roast coffee beans in small batch to ensure freshness and quality.

Our service

Fresh, Convenient, Premium Coffee beans at your door


Freshness is critical to a quality cup of coffee. Experts agree that coffee should be consumed as quickly as possible after it is roasted.


Delivered weekly to you for your daily espresso, cappuccino, black coffee! In Shanghai and around.


All the production dates and information are always available and written on the packaging.


We use fresh organic green coffee beans from China!

Our Product

Hei Coffee was born in Shanghai out of neighbors and friends Cesar and Tommaso’s love for a great and fresh cup of coffee. Freshness is the main pillar of our brand; Fresh roasted coffee is an organic living food, rich of nutrients and elements that quickly become stale, old and dead after one week. When consumed fresh, Coffee is a super-food that held a mystical and spiritual importance among many cultures. Nowadays millions of people drink coffee every morning, To make it available to everyone they have sacrificed quality for quantity. Hei Coffee pursue quality over quantity instead; In fact we are so obsessed with quality that we only provide enough quantity of freshly roasted whole beans on a weekly basis. We shortened the distance from coffee farmers to coffee lovers in China by delivering directly to your home or office. We feel lucky that coffee is such an amazing gift from nature and so we want to give back by only sourcing coffee from sustainable farming and investing in ways to help farmers improve their livelihoods in harmony with the environment.


Our model is simple, you buy, we roast. The only requirement is to subscribe to our program for at least one month, which includes 4 weekly delivery of fresh roasted 200g package. You will receive our product within 48 hours from roasting time to ensure maximum freshness

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Includes 4 deliveries of 200g package of our premium fresh roasted coffee